New Year’s Resolution for 2011

Blogging can be as difficult as going to the gym. You know it’s important yet you cannot bring yourself to doing it on a consistent basis.

I’m a journalist. I got my degree in journalism. Shouldn’t writing be not just a hobby, but a way of life? I have often pondered these concepts.

It seems like forever since I’ve last blogged because it indeed has been forever. Since 2010 is soon coming to a close, perhaps I should make it my New Year’s resolution to blog more often; such as three to four times per week.

Some bloggers publish new content every day. That’s almost like a job. If someone paid me to blog, you can darn well guarantee I’d update it every day. But alas, that is not the case. But I should not let that stop me. I’ll find something to write about, even if I don’t get a paycheck to do so.

Finding content should not be difficult. After all, my current internship requires me to manage a blog. If I am supposed to get a group of high school kids to give me good, compelling content on a regular basis, I should hold myself to a similar standard and do the same. That’s only fair, right?

Right. Absolutely. Without a doubt. I will hold myself to a similarly high standard. I’m a grownup, so I should start acting like one. No more excuses.

Look at me, I sound like a football coach.

A journalistic football coach. Whatever that means.

But that is neither here nor there. Starting on January 1, 2011, I promise that I will provide my readers (whom I need to start reestablishing a relationship with as soon as possible) with funny, thoughtful, and useful content on a continuing basis. That is what a journalist should do: give their readers something to read. A writer who does not write is like a professional athlete who does nothing but sit on the bench all day. Why are they even on the team?

Of course, even professional benchwarmers get paid. Some get paid million just sitting down and watching a game. Most fans have to pay money to receive that privilege.

The point to all this is that in 2011 I will try to be an active participant instead of a passive observer.

Wish me luck. And make sure you keep me accountable! Do whatever is necessary. Throw tomatoes at me. Send me vicious e-mails. Pester me on Facebook. Do whatever you think will keep me on track with this goal.

Oh by the way, have a happy New Year.

Go Seahawks.

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