Creatures of Habit: The Negative Reaction to the New Facebook Design

Human beings are by nature creatures of habit. We like routine in our daily lives. We like knowing that the sun will always rise in the mornings; we can have breakfast, read the newspaper, take a shower, head to work, work, head home, watch TV, and then go to bed. Nothing fancy. Just routine.

But not always.

Sometimes human beings hate routine. Our love for new and cutting edge technology demonstrates that routine can get boring. Routine can be primitive. Routine can become obsolete.

Remember in the 80s when cell phones were first introduced? They were the size of toaster ovens and got horrible reception. Then we had cordless phones. We could actually talk on the phone and leave the room at the same time. What a concept.

Then the cell phone as we know it became popular. Then we wanted iPhones. We wanted telephones that could play music. Then BlackBerries. We want to check our e-mail as well. What will they think of next?

Technology is always improving, and we thirst for the next best thing. Records were a nice way to listen to music, but what about tape cassettes (or eight-track tapes before them)? Or compact discs? Now we can store thousands of songs on a small piece of technology called “iPods.” Yikes.

There are people out there who are addicted to the next best innovation technology has to offer. They need every single new version of Windows and the million updates that are out there. One could even look at it as a competition: I need what the other guys don’t. If I have the largest digital television, the fastest Internet connection, and highest definition computer screen, that makes me the best.

This mentality goes back to the cavemen years when the tribe that had fire was seen as superior. Then the wheel came around. Then sliced bread. You get the idea.

But then things changed. Suddenly, out of no where, people hated the latest technology. And I am of course talking about the new Facebook. There has been a legitimate amount of hate toward the upgraded look of Facebook. I agree. I like the previous Facebook better. The homepage looks way too cluttered. I have to take too many steps just to see my friend’s profiles. And I am not alone.

Facebook constantly updates and alters its design. It’s all part of the desire to make things better, better, and better. Routine sucks. Right? Maybe not.

Maybe consistency is a good thing. The hate toward the new Facebook tells me that people can become attached to what is familiar. The new is not always met with affection and awe-inspired love. There is still a part of human nature that yearns for tradition.

It is comforting to know that people have not completely abandoned tradition. As Tevye from “Fiddler on the Roof” can testify, tradition is what makes culture great. And Facebook is definitely part of American culture.

Let’s hear it for monotony.

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