Making Our Lives Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Technology is supposed to make our lives faster. The purpose of creating, purchasing, and using new technology is to make old, mundane tasks of the old obsolete and usher in a new era of speed, reliance, and efficiency.
But is that always the case? Take the present day as an example. In our age of high speed connectability and vast social networking, are people really that much more informed today than they were a generation ago? One could certainly make that argument.

Thanks to online information networking tools like Twitter, you no longer need to find the news; the news finds you. And there are plenty of features that allows news sources to send you up-to-the-minute breaking news headlines right to your computer’s desktop. No television or even old-fashioned newspaper is necessary.

It seems so yesterday that people had to wait a whole night (a lot can happen in a night, apparently) and wake up the next morning to get their news. Whether it be newspapers or early morning TV news, this was back in the day (“BITD,” as a friend of mine shortens it to) when the latest news didn’t smack you over the head every five minutes. What a relic of the 1990s.

However, on the other hand, one could also make the argument that this give-me-my-news-as-often-as-you-can-and-make-me-a-cup-of-coffee-at-the-same-time technology sacrifices depth for breadth. We might be getting more news, but we’re getting it more and more shallow the quicker it comes. The purpose of receiving text messages with our news is to keep us informed in our busy and hectic lives. No one has time to read anymore. Twitter makes us more able to get the gist of things because, quite frankly, no one has the time to comprehend the news at any reasonable depth.

Thank you technology for making things easier in our fast-paced lives. After all, technology does make our lives easier and faster.

But wait, if technology makes things easier for us, why do we have less time to read the news instead of more? I guess that’s a question the Media Gods can answer. Irony would never be lost on them.

In the meantime, it’s about time that I update my Facebook status. I wouldn’t want anyone to not know what I’m up to at this very moment.

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